Griffon squad


Hellhound squad

Dark matters

"At first glance, the island of Umber seems at peace, undisturbed. But in the shadows lurks a darkness. Biding it's time. Fighting to take over, rearing it's ugly head in any shape it can."

"All that is known to man is under the protection of the Emperor. An undying creature known to be the first of us. Not human, nor machine, but divine in it's own right. For over a thousand years he's kept the forces of Evil at bay, in an attempt to balance out nature. Few have met him, but the faith placed in him is unending and unquestioned. To doubt the emperor is to question humanity itself.

The Emperor has many forces under his command, but none are more feared and respected than the Enforcers. Working in small groups known as Force Squads, they are deployed to certain areas where local militia and government have failed to fight or resolve the present evil.

You, a local enforcer grub, have finally received word that the time has come to prove yourself worthy of the full title of Enforcer and are summoned to find your squad and complete your first mission. To fail is to fail oneself, to succeed is to start your path of righteousness."

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