Dark matters

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The year is 3096. For a long time there has been peace and order in the land of Umber. It has served as a beacon for travel, wealth and safety for centuries.

It’s main ruler King Richard Solomon, also in charge of the main city of Blackburn, guides it's people with an iron fist. The city, while serving as a military base in which the Force is present, is protected by the Royal Guard from criminals and outlaws. The Force is a separate branch of the military and, via commanders and captains, works for the Emporer himself. The Force is bound to keep the peace and it has, independently from the Royal Guard, its own jurisdiction over the world, rather than by city. Only seldom their paths need to cross, but when they do it usually ends badly.

The Force are usually assigned missions of grave importance, executed in sinister and secretive ways. To become an Enforcer is an honour that can only be bestowed upon the Hémitheos (demi-gods). Mingled between humans the demi-gods are often unaware of their birth rights. Thus they often begin as mere citizens, work their way to Guards and only here are discovered in order to become an enforcer grub. It is rare that an Enforcer receives his or her titles without this extra step. It’s a local Enforcer's job to solver murders and mysteries in a town that is not their own. The local Enforcer is sent to this town alone and is magically bound to a Force Squad. Every member of this squad is recognisable by a mark branded on their arm with the name of their squad. This magic is ancient and has proven trustworthy. Nobody dares distrust the mark only Enforcers can see. As a sort of initiation ritual the quest begins when the team members are chosen but unaware who else is in their squad. Only after finding each other and as such bonding, they are able to find and solve the quest together.

A story, as old as the lands, says that the first squad was Force Grey. Rumor is that they stopped a Lich King in his attempt to take over several towns and open a portal to Limbo, a place which is said to contain the worlds most ultimate evil. Here, the Age of Dark Matter began. But who really knows what the true story is anymore?


Level 1


The most common of all types (no personality)

Level 2


Only certain people can wield them that are evil/good enough. Most of these are based on the users faith and have unique and odd abilities. Most of them can find and communicate with each other on distance.


Wearer and item are the growing difficult to separate because of the fact that they merge or combine in combat or at will. Lower levels needs command words or items whilst higher attuned weapons can do it at will.


Very difficult to wield and it is said that few of those can be in the same place at once. Or it might offset the balance of nature itself.


The item has a strong will and is less loyal to it’s user. It will more likely find a now owner after death.

Level 3


Mythological and appear only every so many years. When the wearer is born, so is this item and it dies with it’s user.

Level 1

The grunts with little to no authority that started there first group. Usually assigned to a town and working the inside for peace and order.

Level 2

Squad that are starting out together and are executing mission alone against more organised enemies.

Level 3

Squads are sometimes teamed up with other squads or allies to take on these creatures. Although the growing competition between squads makes this difficult.

Level 4

Squads that oversee other squads and are called upon to help solve major crisis.

Level 5

Squads that are assigned to specific regions in an attempt to organise Enforcers and to distribute aid where needed.

Level 6

Squads that guide and rule over all other squads in direct cooperation witht he emporer.

Level 1

Creature with low followers and intelligence. Less organised and by default neutral evil. Not a strong hierarchy and usually hired guns. Threat to travels and small towns. (goblins, wolves, harpies)

Level 2

Human or humanoid with a structure and strategy/organisation. Threat to a town or even city if not taken care of properly. (bandits, orcs)

Level 3

A long and strong creature that can attack and damage a town on it’s own. Often has attunement to magic of sorts. Can be dangerous, specially fighting it on it’s own location. Threat to a region if left unchecked. (gripphon, manticore, elemental)

Level 4

A highly organised group of creatures that might endanger a city/town or even all humanity in a more general way. These should always be taken care of with investigation and multiple squads as they often have numbers, experience and multiple fierce adversaries. Threat to our law and order system. (organised crime, undead lich/necromancer, devils)

Level 5

A mythological creature which can endanger existence, if left unchecked might cause damage to our current existence. These need to be stopped at all causes but should never be targeted on a whim. These required a large tactical attack and when met outside any planned strategy, should be fled from at all costs. Threat to all the land and the squads. (dragons, kraken, fiends)

Level 6

Unknown (gods, tarrasque)

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