The mysterious cabin that
made no sense

Session 1

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As the sun rises, announcing the day, the little simplistic house with the flat roof is approached by a short looking Half-Elf. Taking short, confident strides she ends up in front of a door. A peek through the window reveals an empty space. A soft knock at the door is enough for it to break from its hinges and slam to the ground with an ear-shattering noise.

A tall, scrawny, but heavily armored Paladin approaches and just about sees the tiny half-elf disappear inside the house. After entering, Iroona notices some irregularities about the room. Although it is furnished in a way that someone must be staying here, quite a few furniture pieces are thrown over, broken or splattered with blood. There must have been a struggle.

The Paladin, who goes by the name of Bull, carefully wanders over to the house and spies through the window just to see... nothing. The house is empty. A tingling sensation flows through Bulls body. He recognises this all too well from the stories the other Paladins have told whence he was around, eagerly listening and soaking up all the information he could. The room is being cloaked by a spell, a veil has been laid over it, hiding and locking away whatever is currently happening inside - invisible to the eye of a layman. Another character arrives on scene, shuffling over to an atypically crouched Paladin in order to introduce himself. Drake is, after all, a self declared super lovable Dragonborn Sorcerer. A short yet uncomfortable greeting occurs. Bull and Drake quickly reveal their tattoos to one another and realize; they are both Gryphon Squad, on adventure to complete their first mission as Enforcers. In agreement they decide that it is of the utmost importance to speak to the person inside the house, as this may be their contact person Jossidin. They don't trust the house, however, and thus decide that they would much rather investigate the outside.

A sudden noise lets Drake jump, make a loud, very effeminate shriek and launch a firebolt in the direction of the house. "Don't sneak up on people" he yells at Vicovar, a half-elf rogue that has been hiding in the shadows and watching the events silently. This happening makes the introductions rather heated, but after tattoos are compared and Vicovar states that his goals are aligned with those of the others, things seem to cool down.

Together, the peculiar party attempts to locate a mechanism to deactivate the magical properties surrounding this house. Suddenly the walls of the house begin to vibrate, followed by loud cries for help coming from inside the room. Following Iroonas voice, the party attempts to break the wall down from the outside. With much creativity a small hole is made, just large enough for the party to meet Iroona for the first time. In a show of his strength Bull begins to enlarge the hole until Iroona can slip through it into freedom. Quick introductions are made.

In the mean time Drake states that he has discovered a lever below one of the outer wall panels that seems to link with the room. Unsure what to do with this new found information he inquires about what the group wants to do. Consequently, Vicovar sticks his head through the hole in the wall to examine the room more thoroughly. Distractedly, Drake flips the lever without a second thought to the consequences. With a squeaking sound the panels begin to rise. Just in time, Bull pulls Vicovar out, successfully avoiding an unexpected decapitation.

Under the assumption that the veil has been lifted the group enters the room to search for any further clues to provide enlightenment. After an unsuccessful hunt they exit and investigate the outside. On the roof there are blood splatters but a body is nowhere to be found. Aligned with his character, Vicovar decides to abandon the group to venture to the near forest to scout. Unbeknownst to Vicovar, someone had been following him and waited for the perfect opportunity to attack. With much agility and a big pinch of luck he sidesteps to dodge the blade that otherwise would have ripped into his skin. This seems to surprise the attacker more than Vicovar himself, causing him to dart towards the tree line. In quick succession two arrows leave Vicovars short bow and thrust into the back of the assailant. He slowly falls to his knees and only seconds later his blood is slowly moistening the dry forest floor. Unmoved, Vicovar does not falter and immediately ransacks the attackers body, even before the rest of the party can catch up. Surprised that he would be attacked by an assassin without weapons, the group attempts to acquire more information about what occurred, but give up after a short while.

What needs to be stated at this point of the story is that every individual, independent of their main mission, also received instructions that were only applicable to them. Iroona, who is used to the comings and goings of the forest, hearkens and studies her surroundings with unfaltering precision. Distracted by all that she hears and sees, she quickly hastens forward, leaving the rest of the group to catch up slowly. Suddenly, her ears pick up the voices of a group of men in armour and with weapons drawn. Unfortunately, the men have seen her and quickly a couple of arrows come whirring towards her. Her never failing long bow allows her to return fire, resulting in the two men fleeing from the scene of crime. Iroona realises that she is loosing blood at an alarming rate and falls to the ground. This gives her time to contemplate life choices. "I can't die this way, I'm too young!"

Hearing Iroona's screams, Drake and Bull race over. Vicovar, as Vicovar does, hides in a bush. Alternating, he shoots arrows and hides back in the bush. "Vic.. dude!" Drake exclaims, appalled. He realises that danger is not yet over and begins to wildly fling firebolts around the little group, creating fire in the forest in front of them. He grins, proudly, and declares that now they will be safe, as the wall of burning bushes separates them from their enemies. Vicovar notices Drakes pyromaniac episode and proclaims "Fuck it", while climbing a tree. "Vic.. DUDE!" Drake responds. "Jossidin probably needs us!" Bull seems to have a sudden epiphany and decides that his priorities now lie with Jossidin. He strides off without another look at the group. Drake shrugs and follows. Unsure of what to do, Vicovar remains in the tree that he is still cowering in. A loud noise notifies the group of Iroonas face meeting the floor in horror, as death almost took her.

After a short distance Bull and Drake reach a clearing with a cave in the distance, guarded by two bulky men in heavy armour. Quickly they recognise them from their previous encounter. Bull is assigned Guard duty while Drake rushes back to fetch the rest of the group. Comically, Drake's "rushing" ends up reminding everyone of Benny Hill, but it seems to be successful as shortly after, the three arrive at the location that Bull was hiding at. He shares the information that the guards had entered the cave a little while ago which prompts the group to do the courageous thing - rest and keep watch. After some time of eating, drinking and other things we will not discuss in this text, 30 armoured men are seen exiting the cave. They melt into the night, leaving them with a false feeling of safety. The Tomb beckons...

Dear Diary,
Remember how I were to meet my Enforcer team and set out on a mission to redeem myself? Well, things turned out a little different alright.

First of, the station was haunted, I kid you not. I should really contact the human resources department about this. They send rookies off to potential lethal meeting spots. Who does that, honestly?! Luckily, I found out the thing was haunted before I entered the building. My team member Iroona was not so lucky. Once we managed to get her out of the trap I could finally get acquinted with my Griffon Squad. They were… well… not quite what I expected. First you have Drake who loves fire a little too much for my liking. I also caught him talking to himself, … so yeah… that was rather disturbing. Then you have Vicovar who was very reserved, I’m not sure what to make of him… I’m not sure I trust the guy. Lastly we have Iroona, the only woman on our team. She’s so, so tiny. Seriously. She’s the smallest half-elf I have ever seen. She often floats between bursts of confidence and cowardice. It’s hard to make anything of that. Then again, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. We’re kinda stuck with each other anyways. Who knows what they think of me...

Anyways, when we investigated the building we found lots of blood and signs of struggles but other then that we were rather clueless. So much for our first mystery as a team. Unsure what to do, since our contact had vanished, we ventured into the woods only to get attacked by people. After shooting a few arrows they decide to run off, which was odd to say the least. Not as odd as Drake’s pyrmaniac outburst who set the forest ablaze… One can only wonder why. At that time I was rather fed up with the situation and charged through the fire (and yes, it was pretty awesome) to pursue the culprits. Conveniently they led us to the Tomb of the Undying. Ha! Suck on that contact person, no one needs you after all. We have now settled ourselves at a short distance from the cave entrance as we keep watch. At the first rays of sunshine we will enter the thing.

Wish me luck!